Dating Coaching

Mix it up.

Hands-on Dating Coaching
The skills that make you successful in business are not the same ones that make you successful in dating.

As a husband and wife matchmaking team we provide invaluable insight from both the male and female perspectives to help clients get crystal clear about what they want and how to get it.

Andrea personally coaches our female clients on ‘Femininity and Flirting’ and guides them by revealing the male point of view to improve and support their dating confidence.

Cristina inspires male clients to step up their game by leading with ‘Confidence and Chivalry’ and sharing the details of what single women are looking for.

Together we help our clients get out of their own way and focus on their very best qualities so they can attract exactly what they want in a partner.

At the heart of the matter, is often people’s misconception of how they present themselves. Our Stellar Approach prepares clients to be aware and consistent with how they want to be perceived so they are truly ready to meet The One.

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Change your approach, change your results.