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For the past two years, I have been giving the week of Thanksgiving even more thanks because that’s when I first met my wife — thanks to Stellar Hitch! 😉 Living in NYC, but spending lots of time in LA for work, I first met Cristina and Andrea at a boutique hotel in Santa Monica. I immediately took to their genuine professionalism and way of working. It was like talking to two old friends and they were honest and knowledgeable.

I was tired of swiping for “tinderellas” or finding online matches that on paper were promising, but upon meeting them in person, realized their “social” presence didn’t match their “real-life” presence. That’s where Stellar Hitch delivers. They cut through the clutter and we got to the bottom of what I was looking for and how I was going to get there. I don’t want to sugarcoat this, but working with a matchmaker is not like online dating. You need to work at it, be open to identifying what may be your roadblocks, trust their guidance and be willing to grow as a person before you’re ready to enter a relationship. I can’t stress this enough. I learned a lot about myself and both my wife and I are very grateful that this sweet couple put us together (three times must be a charm because it was my third and final introduction!). My wife and I made sure to visit the place where we first laid eyes on each other, Intelligentsia Coffee in Venice. Yes, we went back just last week and sat at the same caffeinated table. Hands down, I would highly recommend Stellar Hitch.

- Stefano P., Creative Director (Brooklyn & Los Angeles) - Read More »

Working with Cristina and Andrea of Stellar Hitch has been one of the most amazing experiences in dating because I really got to meet and discover myself and learn more about who and what my true, authentic heart was really seeking in a romantic relationship & partner.  They took a deep dive into my relationship history and helped me identify some unconscious relationship patterns where I have sabotaged my best intentions in dating the woman of my dreams.

Being a romantic, I highly resonated with the Dolce Vita ‘Sweet Life’ and vintage dating model.  I had been married for over 20 years and had an antiquated dating style, method and perspective so I found myself dating like an 18 -20 year old and needed a serious upgrade, download and upload into a more progressive, modern day way of thinking and interacting. They coached me on everything from my grooming/dress style to my love style to my dating style. They connected me with amazing, like minded, brilliant and beautiful women that were aligned with my core values, lifestyle, personality and preferences. They truly are everything that online dating is not:  Confidential, off-line, personalized, quality over quantity and safe. They are committed to helping me shine and understand more about the opposite sex. They have an uncanny way of making those first connections organic, playful, safe and fun. I have tried all the dating sites and this time I felt like I had a real wingman and wing-woman on my side coaching me all the way through the dating process from beginning to end. I felt inspired to see the deeper truth of how I was showing up in the dating world and they helped me lead with my best foot forward in every new situation. Thank you, Cristina and Andrea for your classy, Dolce Vita approach and introduction into the ‘Sweet Life’ of dating and relating.

-Joe Whitcomb (Los Angeles) - Read More »

Cristina and Andrea are a class act!

-Pat, Psychotherapist (Sarasota)

Today is the one year anniversary of my meeting Derek though an introduction from Stellar Hitch.  He is the love of my life, the man of my dreams as corny as that might seem and I know that Cristina and Andrea share in our joy as they are truly caring people and love what they do.  

My journey with Stellar Hitch started after two years of on-line dating when a close friend encouraged me to seek out a matchmaker.  As I started researching different services I was struck by the unique approach taken by Stellar Hitch.  I got the sense that they were personally involved with
their clients and wanted to introduce romance and fun into dating.  Prior to meeting Cristina I was contacted by another service who knew very little about me and sent me on two dates.  Both men were nice people but couldn’t have been more wrong for me.  They clearly did not put much effort into the process.
When I finally met Cristina she was approachable, easy to talk to and had a great spirit and zest for life.  Although I liked her I was skeptical of the process but with some encouragement from friends I made the leap! Cristina and I spent many hours together in person and on the phone; part of
it was her getting to know me and what was important to me and just as important she coached me on dating and how to bring my fun, open and adventurous side to a date.  She is a very intuitive person and was generous in her honesty and support for me.  She enabled me to change some old ideas I had about dating and opened my mind to new perspectives.  Both her and Andrea made time for me and had terrific feedback.  I was then ready for my first date!  I met Bob for brunch on a Sunday; he was as described by Cristina and we spent an enjoyable hour together. After the date, Cristina wanted a full debrief so that she could fine-tune her thinking about the
next man she wanted me to meet.  It was Derek!  We met for lunch and spent 3 hours together sharing stories and getting to know one another.  As time has passed I’ve come to know that he is the absolute perfect man for me and allows me to be myself and I do the same for him.  We love and support each other, have fun together and laugh a lot!! I will always be grateful to Cristina and Andrea for their support, guidance, insightfulness and bringing Derek into my life.  I would encourage (and have) anyone that is open to contact Stellar Hitch.

-Lynn, CFO (Los Angeles) - Read More »

All I can say is “WOW”; how much insight I got on my persona. And what it told me is that I must start doing a much better job of revealing who I really am inside. The “cover of my book” is all wrong! Cristina you are a jewel!

– Michael, Orthodontist (Chapel Hill & Sarasota)

Wow….I feel so blessed to have met Cristina at Stellar Hitch! Sometimes people think these types of services don’t work…but for me it did! I was introduced to an amazing man (semi-retired doctor) and we have so much in common. He has already bought us tickets (first class!) to fly to NYC to meet his children.

When it’s right, it’s right and you know it! And…I know for certain that I would never have met him without the exclusive introduction of Cristina at Stellar Hitch. To me, it doesn’t matter what it costs to meet an amazing man because…it is so rare (especially when you’re over 50) it’s truly a priceless experience! Thank you, thank you, thank you…I feel so blessed! One Very Happy Woman!!!!

- Melinda L., Philanthropist (Los Angeles) - Read More »

Stellar Hitch introduced me to my future wife! I will forever be indebted to them.

-Steve, CEO (New York)

Working with Stellar Hitch and Cristina in particular has been absolutely great. I didn’t expect it to be so easy and fun. Cristina was very clear about expectations and how we can achieve the desired outcome which I needed and appreciated.

I felt like I knew ahead of time how working together was going to go down. I have to admit I was a little cautious, being a pretty successful man and not having problems meeting women (just not the right ones!), I was worried about what to expect in terms of their coaching process.  The entire experience was pretty fun actually. Sure there were times that took me out of my comfort zone, but that’s probably what makes them so good. I would highly recommend Stellar Hitch to anyone who needs to change up their game. They offer something really unique and effective.  I learned a lot and have much more confidence in approaching a certain kind of woman.  Overall it was a valuable experience.

- Jeff B., Graphic Artist (Los Angeles) - Read More »

Stellar Hitch was great for me. It got me back in the dating game and gave me insight into how men perceive me. The quality of my introductions was top drawer. Cristina and Andrea are professional, responsive and made me feel they were selectively working to find a match for me.

-Lynn, Psychologist (Sarasota)

LA can be a tough town to find a true match. Stellar Hitch was a great option for me as I don’t have time for bars or speed dating. I was looking for a genuine connection versus trolling around online and I found that with Cristina’s partnership. She gave me insight, coaching, support and most importantly… Options!

I found her to be a great listener and an honest coach. I owned coming to the table with an open mind, and it was the third man I met that really surprised me. She knew what I needed more than I knew. She has an ability to understand the layers and recommend others who compliment you.
The man I’m now dating is a great balance to what I bring to the table. He isn’t someone I would have found on my own because I think I was looking for the wrong attributes. I was inspired by Cristina and now I feel like I could also have a happy ending.
Thanks Cristina! I appreciate and respect what you do. I wish I had enlisted your services sooner!

- Susan, National Brand Director (San Francisco) - Read More »

You really have a gift. You were able to bring two people together who may have otherwise not met by just knowing (listening) who we were and what we were looking for.

– Jacqueline, Writer (New York & Los Angeles)

I was immediately impressed with Cristina’s attention to detail and her efforts to really get to know me and what I wanted and needed. Feedback was offered to me in a gentle way and was designed to make me more attractive to the opposite gender. I have met some of the most elegant and accomplished women to date, none of whom I might have met on my own or though an internet-based program.

– L.V., Retired Doctor (Tampa)

Let me preface my experience with Cristina and Stellar Hitch by saying that I had heard nightmares about online dating and matchmaking. I was very skeptical of the process but at a friend’s suggestion I did some online research for boutique matchmaking services in Los Angeles. I wanted to find something intimate where the matchmaker truly got to know me and was looking out for my best interest (a long shot).

Time is absolutely PRECIOUS to me – I work a ton of hours and I consider my days off platinum. The last thing I wanted to do was waste my time. Cristina reached out to me for an in-person interview after I applied to Stella Hitch online. We sat down together for more than an hour and she asked the most thoughtful, comprehensive questions…I was shocked….she had an amazing way of making me feel comfortable and safe opening up to her. This was the first person who was actually investing her time in getting to know me rather than quickly sizing me up and throwing me at a random “match.” On the FIRST setup date, she hit it out of the park. The person who she set me up with I matched up with on SO many levels – and IMPORTANT levels. After our first date Cristina was genuinely interested in how I felt and how my experience was. We spent a significant amount of time on the phone while I told her about my experience and she provided objective, invaluable feedback and coaching. I felt as though I had met not only an expert in the field but a true friend. Needless to say the relationship flourished and I am incredibly grateful for Stellar Hitch and the truly intimate setting they create for their clients. I couldn’t speak higher of Cristina, her expertise, her integrity and her innate ability to relate to both sexes. The best of the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- C.A., Marketing Executive (Los Angeles) - Read More »

After my first meeting with Cristina and Andrea, I left with a very warm feeling in my heart. You are a remarkable couple and I am so glad to have met you. I learned several things about myself that I would not have considered until hearing your version of life in today’s dating field.

-Mary J., Professor (Tampa)

Choosing Cristina to be your Cupid is to have an angel at your side making sure you find the partner of your dreams. I have never seen a person work with such thoughtfulness and compassion. Cristina is a radiant being who is kind, genuine and cares deeply about her clients.

Matchmaking for her isn’t just a job. It is her true life purpose and passion. She puts her whole heart into what she does, leaving no stone unturned in an effort to find your perfect match. Her own marriage is a tribute to creating this reality, an example of the kind of loving relationship we all wish to manifest. There is no one I would rather have at my side nor trust as implicitly as Cristina.

- Tara H, Designer (New York & Los Angeles) - Read More »

Cristina and Andrea are very perceptive people and knew exactly what type of man I would like, and who would like me also! They are great matchmakers! My first date was a wonderful success, and has turned into a wonderful relationship. I recommend them highly!

-Pam, Interior Designer (Sarasota)

When I met with Cristina it was apparent right away that she truly cares about her clients and that her number one goal is to find a great match. She really took the time to get to know me and get a feel for what I was looking for. Within a couple of weeks she had already found two potential dates for me and both were amazing and successful women.

I’ve tried the online dating services in the past and believe me this is a completely different and positive experience. I highly recommend Stellar Hitch to any one that actually wants to get out there and meet quality singles.

- Anthony, Medical Director (Los Angeles) - Read More »

I chartered Stellar Hitch several years ago and my experience was great.  I had a personal interview, a home visit, and lots of chat before we got started. I am certain that Cristina with whom I dealt really put her heart and soul into the efforts directed at me.

Sure I have met a few women along the way that made me wonder why this woman was picked for me, but as we got to know one another and as I provided feedback, it got better and better.  I met a couple of incredible women along the way, and some of them are still my friends.  It takes so much to choose a good date, (or a potential mate) for another person, and it is an imperfect and flowing process.  But as a client I felt supported and cared for by the owners.  It takes time to get it right so as a client we must learn to be patient and tolerant.  What also came out of my interactions with Stellar Hitch is the need to do some personal growth, which I faced directly.  That has held me in good stead.  
I was recently introduced to a woman who is a once-in-a-lifetime-match and it has set me going wild with gratitude and expectations.  I am “besotted”.  And grateful.

– Larry, Physician, (Tampa) - Read More »

Thanks for everything. You have made a huge impact in my life and so opened my eyes and brought me more confidence to go forward in my search…

– Jack, SVP (Washington, DC)

I had a good experience with Stellar Hitch. Cristina (the Matchmaker) took the time to get to know me and was sincerely interested in learning who would be a good fit for me.  I was introduced to two sweet & smart women and went on dates with both.

Although neither worked out long term I do not think it fair to fault Stellar for this. After all this isn’t mathematics but rather an intuitive and human undertaking.  If dating truly were a science we’d all be happily married. I think what is important to identify is whether Cristina tries her best to listen and set up two people who otherwise would never meet and give us the best chance to succeed. And in that regard I feel Cristina excelled.  She really cares and truly wanted to find me and the woman a match.  I am certainly happy I went through the process with Stellar (which included me being vetted) and if ever the opportunity arises to try again with someone I think would be a good fit, I’d take it.

- Shane, Entrepreneur (Los Angeles) - Read More »

Over the past two years, I have been lucky to have been chosen by three matchmaking services as an eligible man for introduction to their clients.  One of the services is a large and expensive firm with offices in major cities around the world.  Another is a well established Los Angeles-based firm. And the third is Stellar Hitch.

Of these firms, my experience with Stellar Hitch has been by far the best.
For example, before I could be introduced to Stellar Hitch clients, I was interviewed in-person, and at length, first by Cristina and then by Andrea.  By contrast, the large international firm interviewed me just once, and it was a cursory interview at that.  The other firm conducted no in-person interview at all. Over the course of two years Cristina and Andrea have kept in regular contact with me, staying apprised of my status, and using the opportunities to get to know me better.  Over this time they introduced me to two of their clients.  Although, in neither case did a relationship result from the introduction, it was clear that Cristina and Andrea had done their homework and put together a very thoughtful match.
For anyone looking for a really conscientious matchmaker, I would give Stellar Hitch my highest recommendation.  Cristina and Andrea clearly love what they do and they are very diligent and good at it.

- Christopher, CPA (Los Angeles) - Read More »

Definitely the best two hours I’ve spent on “me” in years! Thank you for your expertise as an Image Consultant. You’re the best at what you do; and it was worth every cent and more.

-Liliana, Producer (Tampa)

I always feel more empowered and less lost every time I meet with you. I really feel like my life will be great as a result of working with you.

– Lisa, Financial Director (Sarasota)

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.